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From: Carolyn Halim
Subject: Fraud Examiners Manual

Thanks! I have the online version that I'm using with the Prep Course- I wish there was a way you can just click on the reference link at the bottom of the question and it takes you to the specific section of the manual. Every time I want to look a section up I go to menu-click on the corresponding section-then search for the appropriate page number. I figured there would be an easier way to navigate the manual but haven't been able to figure it out.


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From: Rebecca Ciscel, CFE, CPA
Subject: Fraud Examiners Manual

I used the online prep course last year. There are a few shortcuts to maneuvering around in the prep course; I can't remember all of them. I can't access it anymore, since I'm done with my Exam. However, I do agree the online Manual is slightly difficult to switch back & forth to, and from Review Question references. In the Manual screen, I do remember you can right-click to flip back 1 page, left-click for next page.

My best study strategy was:

take the Pre-Assessment & start on the Section that was the easiest / highest Pre-Assessment score.

read 1 entire Section of Manual,

then take Review Questions,

re-study Manual on Questions I missed,

then take Practice Exam.

Then onto the next Section of the Manual, repeat above steps.


Rebecca Ciscel, CFE, CPA
Forensic Accountant
Phoenix AZ