June 2015

TIP #1 - How do I begin studying with the CFE Exam Prep Course?
First, we recommend you begin the Prep Course by answering all questions in the database correctly at least once. If you incorrectly answer a question, it will return to the question pool and you will be asked it again at a future time.

TIP #2 - Is it true or is it false?
If any part of the question is false, then the entire statement is false. However, if part of a statement is true, the entire statement is not necessarily true. Read through each statement carefully and pay attention to the qualifiers and keywords.
•Qualifiers like never, always, and every mean that the statement must be true all of the time. Usually these qualifiers lead to a false answer.
•Qualifiers like usually, sometimes, and generally mean that the statement can be considered true or false depending on the circumstances. Usually these qualifiers lead to an answer of true.
•Pay close attention to words like NOT, FALSE, and INCORRECT in questions. One word can change the entire meaning of the sentence.


ACFE Program Director, Bruce Dorris, offers advice on how to take an active role in studying. The questions on the CFE Exam Prep Course mirror the format of the CFE Exam itself.

TIP #4 -  Motivation. Tell yourself that you can do it! Self-motivation is important. Reward yourself with positive thoughts when you complete a section. Think about your values and goals and decide if you are reaching them. Decide on your best learning process for the remaining sections. Believe that you can succeed, and you will.