January 2016

TIP #1 - Read each question carefully. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course it is important to read all of your options. Don’t stop when you come across an answerthat seems likely. Eliminate the choices you know are incorrect, and then relate each remaining answer choice back to the question to see if it fits. Narrow down the choice to one or two alternatives, then compare them and identify how they differ. Finally, make an informed choice.

TIP #2 - What happens if I choose the wrong answer? After you choose an answer in a Prep Course section and click the Submit Answer button, the answer you chose, along with the correct answer, will be displayed in a bar in the middle of the screen. The bar will be green if you answered correctly or red if you answered incorrectly. A detailed explanation of the answer is printed immediately below the colored bar. Below the explanation is the name of the reference material from which the question was taken, along with the page number.

TIP #3 - Choose the best answer. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course, you must select not only a correct answer, but the best answer. It is important that you read all of the options and not stop when you come upon one that seems likely to be correct.

ACFE Vice Program Director Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, offers advice on how to handle questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course.

TIP #4 - Encouragement. When you've finished studying, you should feel like you can approach the CFE Exam with confidence — not necessarily that you will get 100% of the answers correct, but that you have a good understanding of the information