March 2016

TIP #1 - Don't overthink. When you’re facing multiple choice questions, resist the tendency to read too much into the questions and answers. Read the question once, then (without looking at your options) think of a good answer. Then see if this matches one that’s listed. If it does, select it and move on!

There are four answer options, if you have ruled out one or two options as wrong, your chances are even higher. But if you do not guess, you have no chance at all. If you guess five times, you might get one or two more right.

TIP #2 - Preparing for the CFE Exam begins with a conscious decision to start studying. We recommend that you begin studying with your strongest area to develop a comfort level with the material and the Prep Course process. To begin a session, select one of the four main sections and begin answering the questions. After you choose an answer and click the Submit Answer button, the answer you chose, along with the correct answer, will be displayed on the screen.

TIP #3 - Take notes. Mark your challenging questions and take notes. This allows you to go back and review those questions at any time. When you are ready to review your marked questions, please note that the program will only present those questions you have previously marked within the selected main section.

TIP #4 - Tell yourself that you can do it! Self-motivation is important. Reward yourself with positive thoughts when you complete a section. Think about your values and goals and decide if you are reaching them. Decide on your best learning process for the remaining sections. Believe that you can succeed, and you will.