Q & A with Jimmy Wong, CFE

Jimmy Wong of Virginia became a CFE after attending the CFE Exam Review Course in Los Angeles, CA. In his spare time, he loves to cook and spend time with his family. This past July, Jimmy focused on accomplishing his goal of obtaining the CFE credential, which he believes will enable him to better identify, prevent, and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in his organization.


Coach: When did you receive your CFE credential?

Wong:  I became certified on July 22, 2016.

Coach: You attended the CFE Exam Review Course in Los Angeles and following the course you sat for the CFE Exam on-site. Please describe your experience of participating in the four-day course and then sitting for the exam immediately after.

Wong: At first, the idea of the four-day CFE Exam Review Course might sound overwhelming, but it is manageable. The instructors are subject matter experts in their areas and provided great examples to help reinforce the material covered on the exam. It was very helpful to be able to sit for the exam at the end of each day, as the information was still fresh in my head. Also, it was definitely rewarding knowing whether you had successfully passed each session shortly afterward.
Coach: What did you like most about the CFE Exam Review Course? 

Wong: I liked the fact that the review questions provided after each session help reinforce the understanding of the course content. The instructors were very knowledgeable in the subject areas and provided real-world applications to reinforce what was covered in the course content.
Coach:  In what ways do you feel that your new CFE credential will be beneficial to you in your current profession?

Wong: My new CFE credential provides the knowledge that will enable me to better identify, prevent, and detect fraud, waste, and abuse in my organization. 
Coach:  How did you prepare yourself to sit for the exam on-site? Did you spend any additional time studying after class each day?

Wong: Prior to attending the review course, I took the pre-assessment exam provided with the online CFE Exam Prep Course to understand which areas were my weakest. In preparation for each day's session, I read over the review material and wrote down notes and questions so that I could ask the instructors during the lectures. After class each day, I made sure to find some time to complete the practice exams provided with the online prep course.
Coach: Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Wong:  Yes, I highly recommend this course to my colleagues and individuals who plan to sit for the CFE Exam.
Coach:  How did you become passionate about fighting fraud?

Wong:  Back in 2007, I recall watching a television show called Fraud Squad, which aimed to promote public awareness about the global problem of fraud. Ever since that day, I always wanted to be part of a team doing behind-the-scenes forensic accounting to prevent and detect fraud. A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to be able to join the Inspector General (IG) community and be part of a team of individuals that contributes to promoting economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in an organization. We work together to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. I learned about the CFE credential from a colleague during an audit and decided it was something that I wanted to pursue. 
Coach: Now that we know what you do professionally, what do you like to do for fun and what do you find enjoyable about it?

Wong: I am a foodie and love to cook. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with family and my lovely 5-month-old daughter, Megan. 
Coach: Do you have any study tips or suggestions for aspiring CFEs?

Wong: I recommend taking time to study the CFE Exam Prep Course materials and taking the pre-assessment exam to identify your strongest and weakest subjects. This method will enable you to allocate time and resources in an efficient manner as you prepare for your exam date.