What is your study strategy?

Post: This is my first time studying for the CFE exam. I didn’t read the manual since it has approximately 2,000 pages and I know that would be very ineffective for me to read all these pages.  As such, I started directly to work with the multiple choice questions and taking notes related to the answers. I am wondered if reading and understand the MCQ answers are enough to pass the exam. Also, I want to know if exist review notes or audios related to this exam.


Response: Hello, I just recently took and passed the exam on my first try using only the CFE Exam Prep Course.   My method of attacking the exam was as follows:

1. Take assessment that is provided in the CFE exam Prep Course

2. Decide which area to study first based on assessment score (I chose the section I did worst on)

3. Build a study plan

      a. My study plan was as follows:

              i. Monday- Thursday (Review Questions)

              ii. Friday- Do 2-4 practice exams (make sure you are consistently scoring above 75)

              iii. Sunday- take exam

4. Request exam key

      a. Please note your 30 day clock starts after you register the exam key!  (Do this when you are ready to sit for first exam)

      b.      I requested my exam key about 5 days before I started studying

5. Execute study plan

6. Submit scores and affidavit

7. Wait on emails saying you passed!!!

Hope this helps!! Good luck!!