November 2016

TIP #1 - When preparing for the CFE Exam Prep Course, maximize your energy level. Study your most challenging section of the Prep Course at your high energy times, which are usually in the early evening. Later in the evening, work on your more knowledgeable sections or the one you enjoy the most. Some applicants put off the tough studies until later in the evening when they become tired, and it is more difficult to concentrate. Reverse that. This alone can help to improve your concentration.

TIP #2 - Examine your Prep Course progress. The Detailed Status Report shows your progress by breaking each section down into subsections and the percentage of correct answers in each subsection. This can be used to determine which sections you need to study further.

TIP #3 - Set a timeline: The Prep Course includes a timeline to remind you of your goal for completing the CFE Exam. The following video shows you how to do this. 

TIP #4 - Motivation. Make sure that you prepare well in advance before taking the CFE Exam so that you can focus all your energy on doing well. Follow up on the priorities you have set for yourself, and don't let others, or other interests, distract you from achieving your goal of becoming a CFE