January 2017


TIP #1 - Avoid Procrastination. We recommend you start studying soon after you have purchased the CFE Exam Prep Course. Draw up a schedule for yourself to ensure you dedicate at least an hour or two a day to studying. Using the Prep Course Study Chart (PDF) can assist you in organizing and prioritizing your preparation for the CFE Exam.

TIP #2 - Pace yourself. When preparing for the CFE Exam Prep Course, you must maximize your energy level. Study your most challenging section of the Prep Course at your high energy times, which are usually in the early evening. Later in the evening, work on your more knowledgeable sections or the one you enjoy the most. Some applicants put off the tough studies until later in the evening, when they become tired, and it is more difficult to concentrate. Reverse that. This alone can help to improve your concentration.

TIP #3 - Mark that question. If you are having difficulty with a question, mark that question. This allows you to go back and review any marked question in that section. Each sections stores its on marked question.

ACFE Program Director Bruce Dorris, J.D., CFE, CPA, CVA, offers advice on how to handle questions that may be challenging to you on the CFE Exam Prep Course.

TIP #4 - Be confident! Your confidence will positively affect your Exam performance. Once you are obtaining passing results in your studies, picture yourself passing the exam and becoming a CFE!