October 2018

TIP #1 - Read all options carefully. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course, it is important that you review all the available options and that you do not stop reading them once you come upon an option that seems likely. If you are uncertain of the answer, be sure to guess; however, eliminate some choices you know are incorrect, and then relate each remaining answer choice back to the question to see if it fits. Narrow down the choice to one or two alternatives, and then compare them and identify how they are different. Finally, make an informed choice.

TIP #2 - Identify challenging areas. Your detailed progress status report allows you to identify topics that are more challenging. Once you have completed studying for the day, simply end the session in the Prep Course software. The session summary will automatically appear (if you have answered at least one question), which will provide your results for the current session. The screen will display the number of questions you attempted and the number you answered correctly.

Tip #3 - The Prep Course is all you need. All of the questions in your CFE Exam are pulled from the question concepts in your Prep Course. Carefully read every word of the question, keeping in mind that the tiniest detail can affect the answer. If one word set or phrase in the statement is false (even if the rest are true) then the entire statement is false and the answer is "false". 

TIP #4 - Recognize key words alternative when answering True/False questions. No additional study materials are needed. However, If you are needing more detailed explanation for a particular question, feel free to refer to the Fraud Examiners Manual. The manual is included with your Prep Course.

Motivation. Tell yourself that you can do it! Self-motivation is important. Reward yourself with positive thoughts when you complete a section. Think about your values and goals and decide if you are reaching them. Decide on your best learning process for the remaining sections. Believe that you can succeed, and you will.