April 2018

TIP #1 - Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. You should guess when you are not sure. Why? Because if there are four answer options, you have a one-in-four chance of getting that question right. If you have ruled out one or two options as wrong, your chances are even higher. But if you do not guess, you have no chance at all. If you guess five times, you might get one or two more right.

TIP #2 -  Read each question carefully. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course, it is important to read all of your options. Don’t stop when you come across an answer that seems likely. Eliminate the choices you know are incorrect, and then relate each remaining answer choice back to the question to see if it fits. Narrow down the choice to one or two alternatives, and then compare them and identify how they differ. Finally, make an informed choice.

TIP #3 - Qualify for the Pass Guarantee. To qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, you are required to answer each question at least once. In addition, you must earn a score of 85% or better on all four sections of the Practice Exam.

ACFE Vice President - Education John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, offers advice on how to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee as you prepare for the CFE Exam.

TIP #4 -Study every day or as frequently as your schedule allows. You should study each section of the CFE Exam Prep Course with a time budget in mind. As you reach milestones on your timeline, you will see yourself moving one step closer to realizing the overall goal—succeeding on the CFE Exam.