June 2018

TIP #1 - Determine your goal. Before starting the CFE Exam Prep Course, it is important to set a target date for earning the CFE credential. Study every day or as frequently as your schedule allows. You should study each section of the CFE Exam Prep Course with a time budget in mind by following the steps below.

• Start studying soon after you purchase the course.
• Develop and follow a plan for getting yourself through this volume of material, starting (if possible) with the section   you are most familiar with.
• At the beginning of each study period, do a  ten minute review of the previous period's material.

TIP #2 - Understand the question.  If there are four possible answer options, you have a one-in-four chance of answering that question correctly. If you have ruled out one or two options as wrong, your chances are even higher but if you are not sure, you should guess. Do not leave any questions unanswered. 

TIP #3 - Create notes for areas you find challenging. This allows you to go back and review those chalening questions at any time. When you are ready to review your marked questions, please note that the program will only present those questions you have previously marked within the selected main section.

In this video, ACFE Vice President - Education, John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, offers advice on how to take advantage of the Fraud Examiners Manual, which is included with your CFE Exam Prep Course.

TIP #4 - Study intensively. If you only casually look at your material, you will only casually remember it. Your memory will always help you to recall your strengths. What you knew yesterday you will know tomorrow for the exam. However, if you don't know it now, you can't expect to recall the information at the exam. Correct your weaknesses now to improve your knowledge base and to improve your chances of passing.