August 2018

TIP #1 - Focus on the question at hand. Understand what you’re being asked before you select an answer. Identify each question in the CFE Exam Prep Course that has one or more correct options. Evaluate each answer in a multiple choice question and eliminate options you know to be incorrect. Treat each option as a true-false question, and choose one that' seems most true to you.

TIP #2 -  Find the main idea in each question. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course it is important that you read all of the options and not stop reading when you come upon an option that seems to be the likely answer.

TIP #3 - Quiz yourself by taking the practice exams. They are designed to test your knowledge in each of the four sections and simulate the experience of taking the CFE Exam. Each practice exam contain 125 questions from the chosen topical section. 

TIP #4 - Be confident! Your confidence will positively affect your Exam performance. Once you are obtained passing results in the Prep Course, take the exam and picture yourself passing it and becoming a CFE!