Topic: ACFE Exam for 2014

Post: Hi, I am seeking information on the examination edition that I would have to take as there or two editions, U.S. and International. I am based out of India and preparing for the exams as per the 2013 edition. We see that there is a 2014 U.S. edition as well, hence its getting a little confusing to decide.

Please advise.

Response: Dear Amit Bajpai,

Thank you for your question. Unless, you believe you will be working only in the United States after passing the CFE Exam, you should choose the 2013 CFE Exam Prep Course, International Edition.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Member Services at 1 800-245-3321 or +1 512-478-9000 or by email

Best regards,

Justin Dillon, CFE

Member Services Assistant Manager
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners