Topic: I passed! Definitely buy the Prep Course!

Post: I submitted my CFE Exam this morning and found out I passed at 2:30 pm! 

I took about a week off from work to do this since I work full-time and am a mom of 3! I began studying with the Prep Course about two years ago, but wasn't completely committed, so I only got through about 150 questions. 

On January 4, 2014, I began going through it one sub-section at a time. I'd answer all the questions in that sub-section, then study them over again, especially those I missed. I would then answer the questions in that sub-section again until I answered all of them correctly. If I didn't completely understand, I referred to the Fraud Examiners Manual; I did this for every section. I spent a total of 10 days of steady studying and testing! Without the Prep Course, it would have taken much, much longer to prepare! It is very well designed and the Practice Exams are just like the real thing!

If you are like I was and have doubts or questions about this exam, just go for it! I wish I would have committed to this sooner!

Response: Congratulations ASoles for passing the CFE Examination. I also passed my CFE Examination on my second attempt. I agree with you that the Prep Course is really a valuable resource to prepare for the examination.