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Post: Hello, I have been studying from the manuals for several months but now I would like to start a new strategy. I would like to focus in completing the review questions and practice exams for one section and taking the exam that particular section. Then move to another section and follow the same strategy, and so on and so forth. My question regarding the MBPG is the following: Am I supposed to have all the review questions and prep exams done before turning the key for the exam? or rather I can have them completed before taking the exam for this particular section? for example, I am ready to take the exam of Law and I have passed all the prep questions at least once and go 90% on the practice exam. Could I start the 30 days exam period by taking the Law section exam and the keep preparing the rest of sections?

Hope my question is understandable.

Thank you

Response: Hello Begona_Toca Puerta, my recommendation would be to begin studying with the your strongest section first. This way, you are studying your weaker areas closest to the exam. As you complete the study questions, review the explanations for each question. If you’re struggling with a particular topic, you can refer to the recommended study reference for more information. You should also mark study questions that need additional review.

After completing all the review questions, complete the practice exam. A minimum score of 85% is required to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee. To aid in your CFE Exam preparation, review the questions you missed on the practice exam. In order to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee, you must meet the all following conditions before you can “Request Exam Key”. 

You have 30 days to complete all four sections of the CFE Exam and submit it to the ACFE for grading. You must complete each section in one sitting, but you do not have to complete all four sections at once. You may start any section you choose, and you will still have access to the CFE Exam Prep Course.


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