Best way to study

Post: Hey guys, new to the forum and just want to confirm something. Would everyone agree that the best way to study is just doing several multiple choice questions and taking notes vs reading the manual? Trying to find the most efficient & effective way to get prepared. Thanks!

Response #1: Every person has their own study practices. Personally, I like to review the questions and then go back and learn what I didn't already know. I have the manual and prep course and I use them together. I could not even imagine trying to pretend that I am going to read every page of that manual. It's a great reference, but I'm not going to lie. I study mostly from the notes that are provided at the bottom of a question when you get it wrong.

Best of Luck!

Response #2: Jon, I have to agree with Victoria.  This question has been posed frequently over the six years since I earned my CFE.  The answer almost always is use the prep course (with its questions and practice exams) as your main tool.  Use the manual as a reference for areas that you need to study more - you will be guided to the right part of the manual by the system when you're going through the questions.  As Victoria points out, the manual is huge - and reading it page by page would take a lot of time and would likely cause fatigue rather than help.

 Work with the prep course, get comfortable with the types of questions and the material presented, get the high percentages right on the practice exams, then schedule the actual exam and go for it. 

Good luck.