October 2015

TIP #1 - Learn how to take an active role in studying. If it has been a while since you've studied, you may find it difficult to concentrate at first. We recommend beginning the Prep Course by answering a few questions from any section to simply get a feel for the course. Since the course automatically tracks your correct and incorrect selections, as well as your strong and weak subject areas, you can study at your own pace.

TIP #2 - Know what to do after you complete the CFE Exam Prep Course. Because you studied with the Prep Course, you already have the CFE Exam installed on your computer. When you have completed your course, select Request Exam Activation Key within the course. We will send you the Exam Activation Key by email, once your complete CFE Exam application is verified. After you enter the Exam Activation Key, you have 30 days to complete all four sections of the CFE Exam and submit it to the ACFE for grading. You must complete each section in one sitting, but you do not have to complete all four sections at once.

TIP #3 - Take study breaks to stay focused. Stop studying when you are no longer being productive.


Angela Archie, CFE expresses the importance of taking study breaks during CFE Exam Prep Course

TIP #4 -Study every day or as frequently as your schedule allows. You should study each section of the CFE Exam Prep Course with a time budget in mind. As you reach milestones on your timeline, you will see yourself moving one step closer to realizing the overall goal—succeeding on the CFE Exam.