September 2015

TIP #1 - Preparing for the CFE Exam begins with a conscious decision to start studying. We recommend that you begin studying with your strongest area to develop a comfort level with the material and the Prep Course process. To begin a session, select one of the four main sections and begin answering the questions. After you choose an answer and click the Submit Answer button, the answer you chose, along with the correct answer will be noted and color coded on the screen.

TIP #2 - Read each question carefully. While answering questions in the CFE Exam Prep Course it is important to read all of your options. Don’t stop when you come across an answerthat seems likely. Eliminate the choices you know are incorrect, and then relate each remaining answer choice back to the question to see if it fits. Narrow down the choice to one or two alternatives, then compare them and identify how they differ. Finally, make an informed choice.

TIP #3 -Recognize Alternative Approaches to Answering Different Types of Questions


TIP #4 - Stay focused. This is the key to a good understanding. If you are studying at home, choose an area that will serve as your study headquarters. Make sure you have good lighting, minimal distractions, and enough room to be comfortable. Disconnect your home phone, turn off your cell phone, and do whatever you can to stay focused on your studies.