January 2019

TIP #1 - Change up your focus. Switching between subjects is a helpful way to learn the materials for your exams and prevent burnout on one topic, so make sure to switch it up before your eyes glaze over! That way, you can keep studying for longer periods of time while maintaining your focus.

TIP #2 - Reach out to your CFE Exam Coach. Often times, reaching out to your coach, can be helpful in receiving additional suggestions on what to study and different ways to prepare for the exam.

TIP #3 - Learn the style of your exam. If it’s multiple choice, you’ll need to know definitions and concepts. Focus on understanding all the concepts presented to you.

TIP #4 - Tell Yourself That You Can Do It! Self-motivation is important. Reward yourself with positive thoughts when you complete a section. Think about your values and goals and decide if you are reaching them. Decide on your best learning process for the remaining sections. Believe that you can succeed, and you will.