February 2019

TIP #1 - Avoid looking at the answer first. Many of us look at the answer before looking at the question, and then work toward that answer. When you are preparing for an exam, try not to look at the answers or your notes. Read the question first and narrow down the choices to the most likely answer.

TIP #2 - Create a study station. Make sure you have a work area with enough space to be comfortable in and take materials out. Study in a quiet room with good lighting. Turn off electronic devices, and only play music if it helps you study.

TIP #3 - Learn the general concepts. It is important to have a good understanding of different concepts, as it assists in your ability to follow the materials. The Fraud Examiners Manual is a great resource to use to better understand the concepts.

In this video, ACFE Vice President - Education, John D. Gill, J.D., CFE, offers advice on how to take advantage of the Fraud Examiners Manual, which is included with your CFE Exam Prep Course.

TIP #4 - Be encouraged by your studies. When you've finished studying, you should feel like you can approach the CFE Exam with confidence — not necessarily that you will get 100% of the answers correct, but that you have a good understanding of the information.