March 2019


TIP #1 - Fast-track your preparation. First, ask yourself how quickly you want to complete the CFE Exam Prep Course. The key to passing the CFE Exam is managing the study materials or study time. Study every day, or as frequently as your schedule allows. You should study each section of the CFE Exam Prep Course with a time budget in mind. Choose from the options below to determine the formula that suits your needs.

30-Day Plan
60-Day Plan
90-Day Plan

TIP #2 - Group together your difficult questions. If you are having difficulty with a question, mark that question. Marking a question allows you to go back and review it at any time. The program will only present those questions you have previously marked within the selected main section.

TIP #3 - Don't leave a question unanswered. Guess if you are not sure of the answer. If there are four possible answer options, you have a one-in-four chance of getting that question right. If you have ruled out one or two options as wrong, your chances are even higher. But if you do not guess, you have no chance at all. If you guess five times, you might get one or two more right.

Encouragement. When you've finished studying, you should feel like you can approach the CFE Exam with confidence — not necessarily that you will get 100% of the answers correct, but that you have a good understanding of the information.