April 2019

TIP #1 - Avoid distractions. Picking the right environment to study in is important. Select a location that reduces your chances of becoming distracted. If you’re studying at home, keep your study space clear of clutter. The only materials you should have out are the materials you need for your study session. Some people need peace and quiet while studying, while others prefer soft noise in the background. Pick the study environment that fits your learning style.

TIP #2 - Have realistic study goal. We have all made the mistake of setting study goals that are too unrealistic for our lifestyle, and when those goals are not accomplished, we get discouraged. Start by setting small goals. When you start a session plan to answer twenty questions correctly before you take a five-minute break. After your break, repeat that process once more, and then complete your study session for the day. For your next study session, answer thirty questions correctly before taking a five-minute break. After your break, repeat once more. Begin each study session by increasing the number of questions that you need to answer correctly.

TIP #3 - Set a timeline to complete the Prep Course. Studying well in advance pays off in the end. The Prep Course includes a timeline to remind you of your goal for completing the CFE Exam. The following video shows you how to set your timeline.

TIP #4 - Be confident! Your confidence will positively affect your exam performance. Once you are obtaining passing results in your studies, picture yourself passing the Exam and becoming a CFE!