May 2019

TIP #1 - Give yourself enough time to study. Be sure you select a target date to complete the CFE Exam. Map out your upcoming months for studying from start to finish. Try not to exceed ninety days for preparation. Line up your exam preparation as a top priority.

TIP #2 - Plan out each exam day. Before starting the CFE Exam Prep Course, it is important to set a target date for earning the CFE credential. Although the breadth of information covered in the CFE Exam can be intimidating, if you create a weekly study plan, you can be certified in as little as ninety days simply by studying during your lunch hour. Decide on a study plan that you can fit into your current daily routine.

TIP #3 - Keep the Pass Guarantee in mind. Be well prepared to qualify for the Money-Back Pass Guarantee.

TIP #4 - Maintain a positive attitude. Commit yourself to meeting your goal of passing the CFE Exam. Stay with it!