June 2019

TIP #1 – Find your learning style. Everyone has a different style of learning. Find your style and develop a study routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early before taking a break at lunchtime. Or, if you're more productive at nighttime, take a longer break earlier in the day so you're ready to settle in come evening.

TIP #2 – Avoid cramming. Begin studying soon after you receive access to your Prep Course. Try not to get overwhelmed. Start with your most knowledgeable section or the one you enjoy the most. Draw up a schedule for yourself to ensure you will dedicate at least an hour or two a day to studying. Using the Prep Course Study Plan can assist you in organizing and prioritizing your preparation for the CFE Exam.

TIP #3 – Understand the different concepts. It is important to have a good understanding of the different concepts, as it assists in your ability to follow the materials. Focus on the explanations that are given for each question in the Review Sessions, as these explain the concepts that the questions are based on. The exam is concept-driven. Please do not attempt to memorize questions and answers; doing this will not help you since the questions in the Prep Course are not the same as the questions on the CFE Exam. Repetition can help you memorize things, but it will not help you gain understanding.

TIP #4 – Recognizing key words can help you answer different types of questions while studying with the Prep Course